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Pressing interactive process map
Pressing interactive process map

Oct 1, 2022

Dave Dove

Dave Dove

Trust The Process

Here at Dove Design we have a process that we follow to ensure that our websites are designed to be interactive and easy to use. We use a process map to show how we work. The process map is a great way to show how we work and how we can help you.

1. Strategy & Content

In the initial phase we will kick off the project with a strategy session with your main stakeholders to align on the project goals, success matrix and challenges.

Strategy meeting

2. Design

Based on the selected visual approach and strategic goals agreed upon in the previous step, we will design a fully responsive website with design deliverables.

3. Development

We will develop the agreed design into a fully functional responsive website using the most up to date technologies such as Webflow that can be accessed throughout the build by the assigned stakeholders.

wireframing website

4. Launch

We will work with stakeholders to connect their website domain to the our hosting platform for the website to be live on the internet for everyone to view.

5. Training

Bespoke training & videos will be provided to all nominated staff on how to update the content within the website and how to use the CMS to add new content.

Website training

What to do now?

Does your company website need updating? Here at Dove Design we design and build websites for businesses like you, to market your products so customers can access them with ease, so you can continue to focus on your business and change the world.

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