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MacBook Pro and iMac on a desk
MacBook Pro and iMac on a desk

1 Jun 2021

Dave Dove

Dave Dove

Recent statistics show that there are approximately 7.8 billion people on this earth with over 5.15 billion of them have mobile phone devices. This means that technology companies need to ensure that their website looks great on all devices including tablets and mobile phones.

40% of consumers use their mobile devices to research before making an in-person purchase. More than half routinely make purchases using their smartphones, and 55% of shoppers make mobile purchases after finding products on social media.

As a result, companies that have responsive websites generate more leads and maintain an increasing competitive advantage over companies that don’t.

The Early Days

Around the late 2000s, when smartphones started to dominate with an explosion of different devices hitting the market, with the iPhone leading the way.

Web designers were dealing with cross-compatibility problems when it came time to building websites. They had to deal with different window width, screen resolution, different input devices that needed to be addressed and that was just the starting point.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important For Tech Companies?

With more and more people using their mobile devices to use the web in 2020 to research and buy products technology companies need to ensure that their content is accessible across all devices.

Tech companies should also be the companies that look to set the standard when it comes to the web and if a company website is not responsive for tablets & mobiles then there is more chance of the user pressing on that good old back button and trying somewhere else.

Not having a website that is accessible on tablet and mobile devices will be marked down in the SEO scoring for search engine companies such as Google, this will make it harder for your potential customers and clients to find you online.

What to do now?

Does your company website need updating? Here at Dove Design we design and build websites for tech businesses like you, to market your products so customers can access them with ease, so you can continue to focus on your business and change the world.

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